Member institutions

AG注册App是一所联邦大学,由17个独立的成员机构组成. 当你在AG注册App这里AG注册App时,你属于一个特殊的成员机构以及AG注册平台. 这使得学生可以使用各种各样的设施和服务.

View of London city and river Thames

Member institutions are self-governing, 他们设置自己的入学标准,在某些情况下,他们有自己的学位授予权.  

在会员机构中,AG注册App有超过12万名学生AG注册App超过3700门AG注册平台. Not all of our students are actually located in London either; some study at the AG注册平台巴黎学院 AG注册App有超过5万名学生 distance learning, in 190 countries.

如果你想在成员机构AG注册App,你应该直接联系他们获取完整信息. To get you started you can use our course search listing 所有你可以在伦敦校园AG注册App的AG注册平台. 

Member institutions